Adam A8

Yamaha ns10s



Mac 16gb Apple M1,

Mac Pro 2.8ghz 4gb ram

Platinum album disc - 2fly studios
Tracking room 4 - 2fly studios
View from the studio - 2fly studios
Tracking room 5 - 2fly studios
View from the studio2 - 2fly studios


Neve 8801,  SSL - Logic Eq,

Drawmer 1960 compressor, Raindirk rm6 mic pre x 2 ,

SPL Channel One x 2, UA LA 610 comp/limiter, 

Drawmer ds201 gates , Urei 565 filter set, 

Focusrite green eq x2, Focusrite green cmp/limiter,  

Joe Meek twinQ comp/eq, SPL Magic eq,  Audient Sumo 


UAD Apollo, Roland,


Akg 414 x2, Akg 451 x 2, Akg c1000 x 2 

Akg D12, Akg c3000, Beyer M201 x 2, 

Beyer M260 ribbon

Slate ML1, 

Beyer M260 ribbon, Beyer M380,

Coles ribbons 2038 x 2 

Slate,  Sennheiser e902, Sennheiser e606 x 2,

Sennheiser 421 x3, Sennheiser 441, SE Gemini, SE 3600, SE H3500,

SE 4 mtchd pair, Shure SM7B, Shure SM 57 x 3 

Shure PG52 x 1 , Shure PG56 x 3 

Old bakerlite mic, Old Synchronic ribbon

Realistic pzm's x 2, 

Saturn microphone - 2fly studios
Neve rack - 2fly studios
Old bakerlite microphone - 2fly studios
SSL, Joe Meek, Filter set - 2fly studios
Shure SM7 microphone - 2fly studios
SE4a microphones - 2fly studios
Microphone grill - 2fly studios
Raindirk, Focusrite - 2fly studios
Neumann - 2fly studios
Germanium, SPL channel1 - 2fly studios
Old Premier - 2fly studios
Rack units - 2fly studios



Pro Tools Studio 2022.4

Logic Pro 

Ableton Live 10 Suite

Reason 8


ARP quartet (1979), Baldwin Fun Machine (1970’s), 

Jen SX1000 mono synth (late 70's - early 80's) 

Jen Brio organ, 

 Korg M1 (1998), 

Kenton Pro Solo MkII midi to CV, Stylophone, Omnichords, Cymbala (a tiny cybalom), Melodica

Omnichord - 2fly studios
Fun Machine - 2fly studios
Roland SH01 - 2fly studios
EDM Wasp synthesizer - 2fly studios
Fun Machine keyboard by Baldwin - 2fly studios
Premier kit - 2fly studios
Sennheiser 421 - 2fly studios
Brio keyboard - 2fly studios


Left Handed 

Antoria acoustic, Tanglewood acoustic, Bass 


Right Handed

Eko 6 string acoustic, Fender Telecaster, 



Elka Leslie 620, Lab Sound, Marshall JCM (1960’s), Marshall from the 60s we think! A little red thing.

Bass amp - Trace Elliot bass rig 


Pearl 1982 (9ply) 3 toms, Kick 

 Sabian Pro Hats, Zildjan K Cymbals

Percussion, Shakers various, Guiro, Vibraslap, Flexatone, Cabasas, Tambourines various, Triangles 

Effects pedals, Ebow, Watkins Copycat tape echo, Melos analog delay, Electro Harmonix - micro synthesizer, Line 6 DL4 Delay 

Boss, Bass overdrive, Line selector, Blues Driver, Compressor sustainer, Bass synthesizer, Ibanez - tube screamer, Dunlop - Cry Baby, Alesis Smashup - Compressor, Bit Cruncher, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo/VibratoPlugin Alliance


bassdude, bluechorus2, boom, cleansweep, cleansweep V2, console, control V2, digital V2 Mono, digital V2,

digital V3mix, digital V3, distorange, dynEQ V2 Mono, dynEQ V2, greenscreamer, hybrid V2 mix, hybrid V2,

limiter, megadual, megasingle, meter, YAWN!! opto Pedal, opto, refinement, rockrack, saturator V2, saturator, shredspread

solo, stereomaker, tuner, XL V2, yellowdrive, elysia alphamaster, elysia alpha mix, elysia mpressor, elysia museq master, elysia museq mix, elysia niveau filter

FabFilter Micro, FabFilter One, FabFilter Pro-C, FabFilter Pro-C, FabFilter Pro-DS, FabFilter Pro-G, FabFilter Pro-L

FabFilter Pro-MB, FabFilter Pro-Q, FabFilter Pro-Q, FabFilter Saturn, FabFilter Simplon, FabFilter Timeless

FabFilter Twin, FabFilter Volcano

Izotope - Alloy2, Insight, Nectar 2, Nectar 2 BreathControl, Nectar 2 PitchEditor, Ozone8, are you still looking?…

Ozone8 DynamicEQ, Dynamics, Equalizer, Exciter, Imager, Maximizer,

VintageCompressor, VintageEQA, VintageLimiter, VintageTape

RX7 Connect, RX7 Declicker, RX7 Declipper, RX7 Decrackler, RX7 Denoiser, RX7 Dialogue Denoiser, RX7 Hum Removal, RX7 Monitor, Trash2

LX480 Complete, Maag EQ2, Maag EQ4, MH Channel Strip, MH Delay, Millennia NSEQ, Millennia TCL, SPL Vitalizer2

SPL Drum Xchanger, SPL Transient Designer, SPL Eq Rangers, SPL TwinTube, Noveltec Character,Noveltech  Vocal Enhancer, SSL Drumstrip cooor!, Surfer EQ, T-Racks

Soundtoys full FX set, Decapitator, Pan Man, Echoboy, Crystallizer, Tremolator, Phasemistress, FilterFreak, Pure Pitch, Pitch Doctor, Speed, Soundblender Eventide Anthology II Eq filter set, E channel, Ultra Channel, Eq45 parametric, Time Align, Quadravox,Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, Omnipressor, H910, H949, H3000 Band Delays, H3000 Factory, Octavox, Eventide Reverb

Kramer Tape EMI TG12413 limiter, EMI TG12412 eq set, EMI TG 12414 Mastering eq

Blimey…..Are you still looking?? 

Softube - Trident Eq, Tonelux, fet Compressor, Valley People Dynamics, CL1B

Stephen Slate - Trigger, FG X Mastering, 20FG-X, VBC FG-Grey, VBC FG-MU, VBC FG-Red, VBC Rack, Reverb suite

Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines

Massey plugins - Tape, VT3eq, CT4 Comp, L2007 limiter, Massey De-Esser, TD5 Delay, Drum to trigger 

Breverb 2, RP Reverb, RP Delay, TL Space, Relayer, Revibe, Reverb One, Altiverb

LX 480 Reverb, TSAR Reverb, Speakerphone, Princeton 2016 reverb, Princeton Space Station, Amp farm Moogerfoogers, URS Channel Strip Pro, URS A,N series eqs, URS 70's/80's Compressor sets, Vocalign,

Sony Oxford Eq, Sony Inflator, Master Restoration Suite 

Waves Mercury plugins 


UVI Instruments


DB 33

Fab Filter 1 and 2


Lounge Lizard electric piano

Kontakt 5,




Lounge Lizard EP4

Pianoteq 7


Guitar rig

Kikkaxxe, Minimonsta, Oddity, Philharmonik Miroslav, Sample Moog, Sample Tron, Sample Tank, String Studio, Tassman4, TimewArp 2600, Ultra Analog, Vacuum, Xpand